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dna unlocked genome testing

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DNA UNLOCKED - Comprehensive (Whole Exome Sequencing Plus)

(~ 50 million data points)

✓ Next Generation Sequencing of your entire exome (~22,000 genes) plus other non-coding regions of your genome in a CLIA regulated lab.
✓ Navigate and explore your own genome using our unique user-friendly report.
✓ Gain valuable insights from your genome and make better health decisions to live a healthier, longer life.
✓ Looks at a large number of health related traits and inherited conditions.
✓ Get your ancestry report from our partnering service (FTDNA).
✓ Scientific/medical data in our knowledge-base regularly updated, so your results are always accurate.
✓ Free shipping, both ways (in the US).
✓ Data and genome report available within 90 days of kit return.
✓ Easy access to board certified healthcare providers for test review and authorization and post-test consultation.

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Price: $849.00


We offer DNA UNLOCKED® test review and authorization through our independent network of board-certified physicians as well as the option for a post-test consultation session with your order, all powered by InTeleLabs.

Test authorization. If you do not have a healthcare provider to authorize your DNA UNLOCKED® test you will be assigned an independent InTeleLabs telehealth provider to review and authorize your test.This service is included with your order ($50 value).

Optional Post-test physician consultation. If you select this option in the KIT Activation page, you will be contacted by an InTeleLabs physician after your DNA UNLOCKED® report is posted to the Results page of your account. In this session the healthcare provider will review your results and answer your questions. Session duration is approximately 30 minutes. There is an additional fee of $60 for this service and you will be invoiced by InTeleLabs directly.