Unlock the secrets of your DNA and health with DNA UNLOCKED®

What You Get

  • Sequence your entire protein coding DNA (approximately 22,000 genes) in a CAP/CLIA regulated lab.
  • Get evidence based, actionable results and take control of your health like never before.
  • Navigate and explore your own genome using our HIPAA compliant platform.
  • Gain insights about your predispositions to diseases or conditions, your reproductive health, the best medications that work you, lifestyle traits and more!
  • Get access to healthcare professionals to help you better understand your genome and to help you build a personalized plan to achieve a healthier you.


$950.00 FOR DNA UNLOCKED - Comprehensive (Whole Exome Sequencing Plus).



CAP, CLIA certified & HIPAA-compliant.

Minimum average 80X on-target sequencing coverage (coverage ranges from 80X-350X) covering over 50 million data points.

Navigate your genome using our easy to use proprietary platform and report.

Browse by category of condition or organ systems.

Your data is always yours to own and always kept secure.

Participate in research studies to drive science forward (participation is always kept anonymous)

how it works

* The entire process takes about 90 days from the time the sample is
received in the lab for processing.


Get answers to some common questions below. Have more questions? Go to our FAQ page.

Step 1: Sign-up for a free account by clicking the Get Started link.
Step 2: Order the DNA UNLOCKED genome test and fill out the order form in the checkout process.
 You will receive your sample collection KIT in 3-5 business days from date of your order.
Step 3: Collect your buccal (cheek) swab sample at your convenience and send it back to us in the provided envelope.
Step 4: Activate your KIT by signing-in to your account and clicking the "Activate Kit" button. On the activation page enter your unique KIT ID# provided in the sample collection KIT, sign the consent form (checkbox), and fill in the required questions. You will need to Activate your KIT in order for the testing to be performed and to be able to view/download your results.
Your health information will then be reviewed and the test authorized by an independent physician.
Step 5: Once your sample is received, we will sequence your sample using next-generation sequencing technology (+ genotyping using microarray testing) within 90 days.
Step 6: Your data will be analyzed and interpreted by a medical doctor who is a genetics/genomics expert giving you the most accurate results science allows today.
Step 7: You will receive an alert when your genome data/results are ready and uploaded to the portal.
Step 8: ** Sign-in to the portal to view/download your results and gain insights about your health and more based on your genome.
Step 9: You have the option for post-test consultation by a healthcare provider at an additional fee of $60.

** Remember you need to Activate your KIT in order for the testing to be performed and to be able to view/download your results.

With DNA Unlocked you will learn about your own personal genetic make-up and unlock the secrets of your DNA. Using a very interactive and easy to use report you will be able to navigate your genome and find out about:
✔ Conditions that are specific to you based on your medical and family history
✔ Conditions that are population specific
✔ Cancer predispositions
✔ Predisposition or carrier status of diseases categorized by organ system
✔ Reproductive health (carrier status of Mendelian recessive or X-linked diseases)
✔ Pharmacogenomic status (how you metabolize certain medications based on your genotype and by that determine what medications are best for you)
✔ Secondary conditions recommended by the American College of Medical Genetics/Genomics (ACMG)
✔ Wellness, nutrition and fitness traits (including propensity for vitamin deficiencies, endurance and strength potential and much more)
✔ Common traits (male pattern baldness, worrier vs. warrior trait, ear wax and more)
✔ Ancestry genetics (discover your DNA origins, connection to ancient groups and find DNA relatives)
✔ Receive continuous updates as scientific knowledge about genetics/genomics advances

It typically takes 3-5 business days (within the US) for your sample collection KIT to arrive from the time the order was placed.

The TOVANA Health DNA UNLOCKED service adheres to the most stringent industry standard practices to store your DNA sample, your DNA results, and other personal data you provide to us. Our platform is entirely HIPAA compliant to ensure your information is always kept private.

It takes approximately 8-12 weeks for your sample to be processed, sequenced (and genotyped) and analyzed from the time that the lab receives your DNA sample.

Please note: you must also Activate your DNA UNLOCKED KIT online in order for the sequencing/analysis to be performed and to view/download your results. To activate your KIT, sign-in to your account and click the "ACTIVATE KIT" button on the dashboard. Then you will need to fill in the requested information and click the "ACTIVATE" button on the bottom of the KIT Activation page.

Yes. You can deactivate or close either one of the TOVANA Health services (i.e. DNA UNLOCKED and/or TeleHealth services) by emailing us at support@tovanahealth.com . We will then ask you to confirm via email or phone and your notice will be effective following receipt of your confirmation.